Supply Chain Finance: Why should treasury sit in the driver’s seat?

Januar 2017

What’s the best way for your company to build a Supply Chain Finance program? And what does it mean in terms of co-operation between Treasury, Finance and Procurement?

Modern technology has made it possible for Supply Chain Finance solutions to cover multiple different business objectives. In today’s negative interest rate environment, this diversity of needs means companies must find new ways of funding, investing, risk prevention and establishing KPIs.

This webinar looks at what these new ways are, providing practical advice so you too can set up the structures that create a cross-functional win-win-win situation for Supply Chain Finance in your company.

Who should attend: For anyone interested in supply Chain Finance, but specifically relevant for Treasury and Finance decision makers who are considering setting up a Supply Chain Finance program.

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Date: January 24th
: 13:00 CET/ 14:00 EET
Duration: 30 min
Speakers: OpusCapita

Supply Chain Finance: Why should treasury sit in a driver’s seat?

Tapani Oksala, Solution Manager. Tapani is an expert in supply-chain finance and the optimization of working capital. He has more than a decade of experience in purchase-to-pay and international payment factory solutions, including various positions at OpusCapita. Earlier in his career he worked in corporate banking.

Supply Chain Finance: Why should treasury sit in a driver’s seat?

Tuomas Unhola, Head of Financing Product Line. Tuomas is an expert in helping companies improve and maximize the efficiency of their working capital. He has seven years of experience in various roles at OpusCapita – including sales and business development – both in Finland and abroad. Prior to joining the company he worked in banking and consulting.

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