Dynamic Discounting

April 11, 2016 - 11, 2016

Dynamic Discounting describes how payment terms can be established between a buyer and supplier to accelerate payment for goods or services in return for a reduced price or discount. The earlier the payment, the greater the discount. Through the use of dynamic discounting methods, buying organizations can increase the number and size of early payment discounts they receive and suppliers can get paid sooner at a lower cost of capital than alternative options.

Title: Dynamic Discounting

Date: on demand

Duration: 45 minutes

Presenters: Kati Myllyniemi, Tapani Oksala 

Dynamic Discounting Dynamic Discounting
Kati Myllyniemi Tapani Oksala

 Do you want to learn more on how to maximize the purchase price discounts and save/earn money? Join this interactive webinar and get insights on:

  • What is dynamic Discounting and how does it work?
  • To whom it’s a good solution and what’s the difference to Supply Chain Finance?
  • What are the benefits for the Buyer and the Supplier?
  • What do you need to take into consideration while planning to start the program?

Welcome to all practitioners wanting to get insight on Dynamic Discounting. All who register will be sent the taped recording, it is free of charge to join.

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