Closing the gaps

Closing the gaps

It is no news that digitalization is moving ahead more rapidly than ever before. As the digital revolution picks up speed, the piles of paper on office desks and business processes are starting to disappear into the digital world as well, right?

“As companies with document-intensive business processes are well aware of, in many cases everyday operations still require forms or pieces of paper, and sometimes a lot of them, and therefore also manual work. The promised benefits of digitalization – efficiency, visibility, savings in time and money – seem to stay out of reach despite the progress already made in many sectors,” says Kimmo Kauranen, Head of Document and Transaction Processing Business Unit at OpusCapita.

Kauranen is talking about organizations, who deal for instance with applications and approvals, contract management, errand and claim handling and customer feedback processes, and about government and healthcare agencies and departments. The problem is that the old world doesn’t cease to exist while the digital world evolves.

There are many points in a process where the intended digital workflow can stumble. Forms are filled and signed with pen on paper. The information needed to process an application has to be accessed from another system. Customers prefer to receive the decisions via post, and in some cases, a paper version needs to be sent out due to legislative requirements.

“With the right set of tools the gaps can be closed and these processes made as paperless and as touchless as possible for the corporations and organizations, one step at a time. Document process automation results in increased speed and accuracy, which will also reflect on the customer’s customer satisfaction.”

Electronic signatures unlock automation

OpusCapita is now making two new services for electronic signatures and workflow management available to its customers to further enhance the capabilities for true end-to-end automation of document processes.

“Secure user identification plays an important role in document process automation as it eliminates the unnecessary phases of printing and signing a physical document and then entering the data back into the relevant system. This can significantly reduce the lead time for an application process, for instance.”

Document Manager helps to create the backbone for efficient automated process workflows supporting the entire document lifecycle. A solid base for the automation in the changing business environment is created with services and solutions for digitizing the documents, interpreting and enriching data, system integration and electronic archiving as well as multichannel receiving and sending of documents.

“OpusCapita is a true strategic partner for full document process automation. We have all the essential services and solutions in place in order to support companies in their transformation to the digital age, to eliminate paper and create high-quality processes that match their business needs.”

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Closing the gaps