Ahlsell values the flexibility in debt collection services

Ahlsell values the flexibility in debt collection services

The possibility to adjust the collection activities to each customer’s individual situation was a decisive factor when Ahlsell, the Nordic region’s leading technical trading company, chose its new debt collection service provider in Sweden.

OpusCapita has been the company’s longtime partner, and provides services and software to Ahlsell in relation to both accounts payables and receivables processes. Now the collaboration has expanded to cover the collection process as well.

Operating in diverse business areas in installation products, and tools and machinery, Ahlsell values the close and timely communication with the collection service provider as it enables a case-by-case approach that is both efficient and builds customer value.

“I can immediately assess individual cases, access the relative information and get quick answers on the phase of the process, for instance. With OpusCapita, we are experiencing a flexibility in service that is rare with traditional collection companies,” says Anders Kvarnmyr, Credit Manager at Ahlsell.

Ahlsell has relatively few collection cases in contrast to its large volumes of invoices. Kvarnmyr states that this only further emphasizes the need to discuss and deal with separate claims individually. In addition, in the rare case that an error results in an unfounded claim, a swift and customized response is crucial in resolving the matter without causing damage to the customer relationship.


Published in OpusCapita Journal 1/2016. Read the whole magazine here.

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