How to release working capital and to tackle the payment term extension challenges by utilizing Supply Chain Finance?

November 26, 2015 - 26, 2015

OpusCapita conducted a financial study about how well Nordic companies know different financial issues and how they feel the situation has changed? The result was clear – how to increase cash flow and free up working capital was one of the major challenges.

SCF | Working capital and payment term extension challenges  Date: ON DEMAND

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  Organizer: OpusCapita

  Presenter: Tapani Oksala, Solution Manager SCF





Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is a service that finances your suppliers’ invoices immediately and gives you the possibility to extend the payment terms. In SCF, the payment is financed against the approved invoice, therefore meaning that SCF is not a credit system.


Join this interactive webinar and get insights on:


- Summary of the financial study

- How to create win – win situation that affects the working capital of both buyer and supplier.

- How to tackle the payment term extension challenges without jeopardizing the supplier relationship by offering suppliers a cost efficient way to receive early payments

- How to maximize the working capital impact by harmonizing the payment terms throughout the whole supplier base


OpusCapita Supply Chain Finance solution makes it possible for big and medium sized buyer organizations operating globally to extend their payment terms although the Supplier will receive early payments when they wish. This will decrease Supplier risk with a positive impact to the working capital.


This is the first webinar in a series of three about SCF.

  • Webinar 2, Thursday Jan 28th: Things to evaluate before starting the Supply Chain Finance program.
  • Webinar 3, Thursday Feb 25th: How to ensure the Suppliers participation in to the Supply Chain Finance

Welcome to all practitioners wanting to get insight on SCF. All who register will be sent the taped recording, it is free of charge to join.