P2P Webinar

25. - 25. März, 2015

P2P Webinar

Date: Wednesday March 25th
Time: 11:00-11:45 AM CET (12:00-12:45 Finnish time)
Language: English
Location: Your computer/phone/tablet
Cost: Free of charge but requires registration
Organizer: EBG | Network & OpusCapita


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About 15 years ago, Swedish companies started to invest in electronic supplier invoice management with the help of workflow systems. Since then the workflow market has developed and today many companies face a paradigm shift – time to join the development or stay status quo?


During autumn 2014, OpusCapita presented a study regarding to what extent companies had developed their supplier invoice processes by introducing e-invocies and automation.


On March 25th, at 11:00-11:45 CET, Tobias Wikström, Solution Director at OpusCapita, will walk us through the study results and analyze the meaning of the results.


Take part in the latest data and compare your business against others! Tobias will also go through:

  • On what grounds was the first generation workflow system chosen?
  • How has the market developed in 15 years?
  • Take part in the development or stay status quo – how do you explore the options?
  • How did an international organization achieve a 95% matching rate for all supplier invoices?
  • What was the momentum and gains that made this organization choose to invest in matching and what tools helped them achieve their targets?

This webinar start in the current market situation, it will allow you to benchmark your business with others and make it easier for you to navigate when you need to do a technological shift.


The webinar is for you who work with improving both efficiency and effectiveness in your accounts payable processes. Register even if you are unsure you can join us – all registered will be sent the recording afterwards.






EBG | Network & OpusCapita